About Us

Suitable storage is owned and operated by David and Krystal Peterson. David has been an entrepreneur and has a successful floor covering business that he started in 1998. Krystal has worked as a virtual assistant since 2006 as well as assisting in the bookkeeping for David’s floor covering business. We have bought and sold single family houses and have been successful doing so and have successfully extended our investing reach into self storage. Currently, we own and operate Jackson Storage Solutions in Jackson, TN. We, along with our investors, are interested in acquiring strong cash flowing self-storage facilities and adding value to increase their performance.


Our Training

David and Krystal Peterson have taken part in a lengthy mentoring program through Self Storage Investing. As part of this mentoring program they have been taught the best business practices in the self storage industry by some of the industry’s leading investors, consultants and instructors.

As graduates, we have demonstrated the ability to not only accurately identify self storage facilities, but also to negotiate, acquire, and manage these facilities. We have also been taught how to successfully market and maximize our self storage facilities potential.

We have been able to prove our ability to find, acquire, operate, and expand our current facility successfully proving our value in the self storage industry. Our self storage experience has been proven by our success in the industry. During our studies we have been taken behind the scenes of the industry. The self storage industry is the best kept secret in real estate.

As graduates of this program, we have been given the education and tools needed to succeed in the industry and we have been taught first hand how to find, negotiate and acquire strong cash-flowing self storage properties and we have a wealth of tools to succeed in this industry.

How We Work With Self Storage Property Owners

If you own a self storage property in Utah or Tennessee (or one of our other markets we work in as well) and would like to sell it, reach out to us! We’re always on the lookout for great self storage (mini storage) properties that have potential for improvement.

Just give us a call at 801-656-6520 or fill out this short form on our Contact Page.

How We Work With Accredited Investors

If you are an accredited investor and want to learn more about how you can work with us on self storage projects, connect with us! We offer exceptional investment opportunities for those accredited investors interested in getting the benefits that self storage properties can give you, without having to manage all of the aspects of finding, acquiring, improving, and managing the properties.

If you’re interested in learning more about what we do or our current opportunities, call us at (801)-656-6520 or fill out our short “Investors” form.